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Open online innovation program carried out by Ceará Sporting Club and ENZIMA, with support from Outfield Capital, which seeks technological solutions that meet the club’s demands in several areas. The program lasts for 12 weeks, during which the selected startups will co-develop pilot projects with the club.

1) Video content production

. Automation of video content production (eg training sessions, games, press conferences)

. Automation of video content editing (eg goals and highlights)

. Automation of video content distribution to social media and chat apps, such as Whatsapp and Telegram


2) Fan Engagement

. Solutions that help Ceará to better engage with its fans and that can generate new sources of revenue for the club.


3) Management and Analytics of Social Media

Development of a social media management and analytics tool focused on sports with the following features:

. Post scheduling and planning

. Monitoring club social media profiles, players, influencers and news

. Real-time dashboard

. Reporting automation: hashtag reporting and social reporting

. Generation of leads and traffic for the membership program, ticket sales …


4) Smart Venue

. Solutions that improve the fan experience at Castelão, Ceará’s home, inside and outside the stadium


5) Sustainable Training Center

. Solutions that make the Training Center of Ceará Sporting Club sustainable, using renewable energy and waste management tools


6) Ceará Sporting Club Cultural Heritage:

. Solutions in artificial intelligence (chatbot and voice assistants), augmented reality and virtual reality to improve the fans’ access to the club’s history both online (website and application) and offline (Club’s Museum).

. Digitalization of photos and videos, with image enhancement using artificial intelligence


7) Internal Communication

. Development of tools to improve internal communication between all areas of the club


8) Sponsorship Contract Management

. Development of a management and analytics tool for sponsorship contracts, where the sponsor and the sponsored can monitor the contract deliveries in real time.

You have until 23:59 (GMT-3) on 11/16/2020 to register your startup by filling out this form

Application is free, just fill out the form with the requested information.

Definitely. VOZÃO CONECTA seeks solutions from anywhere in the world and if you have a startup outside Brazil you are invited to apply too. The fact that the program is online is intended to make room for entrepreneurs from all countries.

Unfortunately not. VOZÃO CONECTA is looking for startups with a finished product or at least a prototype. If you have an idea, you can apply for the ENZIMA acceleration program by clicking on this link

After application closes, Ceará Sporting Club and ENZIMA will evaluate all applications. If necessary, an online interview with startups may be required as a way to assist the selection process.

1) Business Model:

. Value proposition fits with one of the challenges proposed by the club

. There is a scalable and replicable revenue model

. Solution has already been validated by a customer or prospect

. What is the size of the opportunity in which the startup seeks to operate?

. Level of development required to apply the solution

. Implementation is feasible for the Ceará Sporting Club structure?

. Investment needed for business viability

2) Team:

. Time dedicated to startup

. Proof of ability to execute with current resources

. Participants knowledge of the market that the business is involved

. Team diversity

3) KPI (Not the main factor, but it can be a differentiator):

. Number of customers/users

. Current and recurring revenue

. User growth rate and revenue

. Conversion rate

The selected startups will be announced on the social media accounts of Ceará Sporting Club on 11/23/2020 and will also be communicated via email on the same day by those responsible for VOZÃO CONECTA.

There is no forecast of capital investment in the selected startups. It may happen, though, if Ceará Sporting Club, ENZIMA, Outfield Capital and/or the partners of the program decide to do so.

. Working directly with an elite football club, co-developing a product/service with the possibility of signing a paid contract at the end of the program

. Becoming well known not only in Brazil, but in the whole South American market, a place passionate about football

. Product test within a high-performance sports environment

. Access to club data for product / service development

. Mentoring with club and market professionals

. Networking

. Legal, accounting, and financial services for the duration of the program

. Lectures with relevant industry names

. Investor access

. Press coverage

. Demo Day presentation live on the social media accounts of Ceará Sporting Club (+ 2 million followers)

. Certificate of participation in the program

. Every Monday, starting on 11/30/2020 and throughout the program, at times to be defined, the selected startups will have virtual meetings of at least one hour with those responsible for the area of ​​the club for which the pilot is being developed.

. Every Tuesday, starting on 12/01/2020 and throughout the program, at times to be defined, there will be a schedule with the startups, involving lectures on certain subjects and dynamics among all participants.

No, selected startups will have access to various non-financial benefits during the program period, the main one being the opportunity to develop their solution directly with an elite Brazilian football club.

There is no guarantee of a paid contract after the Demo Day of VOZÃO CONECTA. This negotiation happens after the program ends and it is up to the club to decide whether to proceed with the relationship with the startup or not.

There is no guarantee of investment in startups that participate in the program. VOZÃO CONECTA opens the door and puts startups in touch with investors, but it is up to them to negotiate possible future investments.


Those registered with VOZÃO CONECTA must own or have written permission to use the intellectual property related to their product/service.

All those enrolled in the program must demonstrate willingness to share information with Ceará Sporting Club, ENZIMA and Outfield Capital about the functioning of their product/service during the program.

As part of VOZÃO CONECTA, Ceará Sporting Club, ENZIMA, Outfield Capital and their partners intend to publicly disclose information about what has been developed in the program. This information will not include any information related to the intellectual property of the products of the participating startups.

All data made available during the program are owned by Ceará Sporting Club and will only be held by the club; startups will have no right to use any of the data related to players, fans, clubs or any other type of data after the end of the program, in addition to any data generated from artificial intelligence algorithms and their variations, unless through written authorization from Ceará Sporting Club.

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